One thing we are very proud of here at GIV is our commitment to sustainability.  We embrace our responsibility to care for our environment and our people, especially being so close to the Sacramento River.  That’s why we are very happy to announce that we are, and will continue to be, “Green Certified” by the California Rules Sustainable Winegrowing Program.

California Rules is a third party audited commitment to rigorous, scientifically sound sustainable winegrowing. 
This process includes a set of over 120 farming standard practices to manage our vineyards in a sustainable way, including ecosystem management, water management, soil management, pest management, business management, and human resources. with the goal of reducing the risk of agriculture’s negative impact on the environment and human health, improving wildlife habitat and biodiversity, and leaving our land and farms in even better shape for future generations.

Every bottle of wine at GIV is 100% estate grown from vineyards that have been certified under these intense regulations. 
What this means for all of our Club Members, customers, family and friends, is that you know we are committed to bringing you the highest quality wines while working hard to positively impact our environment and the community around us.

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